Dads in the Limelight – Bruce Sallan

Our 36th Dad in the Limelight is Bruce Sallan from “A Dad’s Point-of-View” (, my web-site ( and my Twitter name: @Bruce Sallan. I want to thank Bruce for being a part of this series. It has been great getting to know him and now sharing him with all of you!

1) Tell me about yourself, (as well as how you are in the limelight for my readers knowledge) 
I was a showbiz exec and producer for 25 years. Just google my name or visit my web-site to see my credits.  I worked with many well-known (now) actors such as Mickey Rourke, Ron Howard, Ingrid Bergman, Hal Holbrook, Don Johnson, Ben Affleck, Henry Winkler, Alan Arkin, Barbara Hershey, and many others.  I retired form showbiz at 45 to raise my two young boys.  Shortly thereafter my marriage ended and I found myself soon a 24/7 SAHD as my boys’ mother left the state.  They haven’t seen or talked to her in 3 years.  I began dating, I moved, I adjusted and I realized I had learned a lot and maybe, just maybe, I could write about it.  So, I began a small column in a throwaway paper.  Soon, my column “A Dad’s Point-of-View” grew to be carried in newspapers and web-sites all over the world.  And, just this month, I began hosting my own radio show (see the info on my web-site: on KZSB AM1290 in Santa Barbara.  Not sure what’s next – maybe take over for Oprah (lol).
2) Tell me about your family
I now have a wonderful blended family of 7, 1 dad, 1 step-mom,  my 2 boys (13 & 16) and 3 dogs (200 pounds of them).  My wife is a realtor and I’m a SAHD with a writing career of sorts and a new radio show on KZSB AM1290 in Santa Barbara, as I already mentioned

3) What has been the largest challenge you have had in being a father?
Controlling my temper and being patient.  Also, realizing that my boys may have my same DNA but they’re not me (see this column:  Also, being a 24/7 single dad had it owns challenges.  It’s a very lonely job as “we” get lip-service for being the good guy, but the moms don’t know what to do with us and the dads don’t understand why were not going to work in a regular job.  It was quite eye-opening!

4) What advice would you give to other fathers?
There’s no substitute for time spent with your children and there’s NO such thing as quality time; only quantity time.  As our kids are really only on loan to us, don’t blow it by working too much and no spending time with them.  Trust me, you’ll regret it later. 

5) Seeing that you (or your position) is in the limelight, how have you come to balance parenthood and outside life?
Simple.  I just make my family my priority though lately they’ve complained that I’m spending too much time on the computer…hmmm, better finish this up then!

6) What have you learned from the fathers that you have interacted with?
That men need men in their lives.  Women have always had good support from other women but we men often don’t once we’re married and on a career path.  I joined a men’s group when I got separated and they have helped me ever since through the ups and downs of my divorce through getting married again and dealing with a blended family, plus much more.  

7) What else would you share regarding your experiences as a father thus far?  
I’ve already answered this above.

8) What have been the most memorable experiences that you have had thus far as a parent? Being present for both boys’ births, watching them grow, develop, and find their own passions with one being a fantastic artist and the other a great musician. 

If you have any questions for Bruce, please leave a comment here and I will make sure that he gets them so that he may be able to respond!

Also, do you know a Dad in the Limelight? If so, please email me their contact information so that they too can be a part of this series!

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