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About the DVD

Dana Glazer, award-winning filmmaker, celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Father’s Day with a look at modern dads in the new documentary film, “The Evolution of Dad” (
Almost 100 years after an outspoken woman from Washington State decided that her father, a single and devoted parent of six, deserved to have a day dedicated to him similar to Mother’s Day, we follow Glazer’s personal journey as he explores the idea of how fatherhood has grown and changed over the years. What does it mean to be an involved American father today? How do dads deal with the challenges they face now, and how many of them are the same as those they faced so many years ago? Glazer discusses these questions, and more, through the words of fatherhood and parenting experts and the struggles of real dads.
The decision to release the movie in time for Father’s Day this year was no accident on Glazer’s part – one of the overarching themes is how the importance of fathers to both family and society is so often overlooked. Those lucky enough to have dads present in their lives benefit greatly from it. Studies show that fathers who are more involved in the lives of their children raise happier, more well-adjusted kids, are happier themselves, have happier families, and are better for society overall. Unlike previous generations, today’s dads are usually expected to change diapers, be present at parent-teacher conferences, and yes, even cook dinner… along with the traditional “dad jobs” like coaching Little League. And again, that’s better for all of us.
Release Date: May 18, 2010
Link for Orders:
Price: $19.95 (+ $4.99 S&H via first class mail within the U.S.)
Link to the movie’s introduction (the first 4 minutes of the film):

The movie trailer:

Dads and Work/Life Balance

Until recently, “work/life balance” was considered by many to be a “women’s problem” – and if Dads were feeling the pressure, they certainly never talked about it! Thankfully, those days are over now. Watch this clip of some of the Real Dads in the film struggling to make time for their families while still keeping an eye on their careers. As one of our Evolved Dads says: “Certainly, balancing the corporate life, and this 24/7 environment that we live in, and time with the kids, is not easy. And it continues to be a challenge for all of us. But I think most fathers are going through extraordinary measures to do just that.”

This semi-exclusive video is password-protected: workingdad.

Dads and Work/Life Balance from Evolution of Dad on Vimeo.

I’ve also attached a little free Father’s Day gift for you – an “Evolved Dad” certificate that can be downloaded and printed from our web site. The link to it is:

A second free Father’s Day gift for all of you is – a special video greeting card Dana created called “A Tribute To You, Dad”. We think you’re really going to like it and hope you’ll share it with your readers.


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My Thoughts on the DVD
I was amazed at the honest approach that this documentary took in looking at fatherhood and what it means to be a stay at home dad. It amazed me that the same people that mentioned that fathers should be involved in their childrens’ lives mentioned that a father who stayed home was not being a man.

I know a number of stay at home dads, especially through my work on my blog, and they are both great fathers and great examples of manliness as well. In saying this, I have no problem with men who are taking on the role of SAHD. I will say that it is a role that is contrary to society, and I have heard some of the guys I know that are SAHD that mention confronting and challenging the stereotypes that accompany being a SAHD. I know though that J-Mom, in being a SAHM, has a hard job, and it is not one that I would think I would have the patience for myself.

This movie though is a great testament to fatherhood and it is a movie that whether you are a SAHD or not, you will find it interesting and inspiring. I highly recommend it!

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