An Interview with Best Buy

I was given a chance to interview a great guy by the name of Chris Kirwin who is a “Blue Shirt” at a Best Buy store here in Michigan about some of the great “hot” things to watch for this summer.

As far as must have’s for this summer season, there are a few devices that I think are really exciting.
 The first, and I dare say the most obvious, is the Apple iPad 3G model.  It is a great solution for a family on the go throughout the summer because you have the opportunity to use 3G internet without being locked in to a contract.  The beauty of the 3G is that you can pay $30 to get internet access through AT&T on a month-by-month basis.  Great value for the family: pay for June, July and August while you are out traveling, but not the rest of the year when you can access Wi-Fi at home. Have the kids watch movies, Dad can download the app and watch live game play-by-play of his favorite team, Mom can download new music to her iTunes library and download the latest novel to read on the car trip.  There is a solution for everyone and an app for nearly everything.  The difficulty with the iPad is finding one.  They are certainly in high demand, but for those who want it, Best Buy is here to help.

The second must-have gadget this summer is the HTC Evo cell phone.  It is the world’s first 4G phone.  This phone is an outstanding piece of technology.  It is, first and foremost, a Google Android phone with a 4 inch screen and dual cameras; an 8 mega pixel camera on the back, and a 1.3 mega pixel camera on the front.  Being a 4G phone, you get access to the Spring 4G network, a new generation of internet access.  While currently only available in select market, 4G is twice as fast as current broadband internet (it uses radio frequencies similar to that of a radio station, and it’s infrastructure was designed from the ground up just for internet, nothing else) with unlimited data access (no download cap!)  Another GREAT feature, especially for the family, is that this phone creates it’s own mobile hotspot.  In other words, the phone will allow up to 8 wi-fi capable devices to connect to the internet!  You can sit out at the beach and your kids can take their iPod touch, netbook, laptop, digital camera with wi-fi SD card, and they can access the web, using your phone as the internet access point.

Always popular as far as devices go are the latest digital cameras and camcorders.  There are too many models to list, but the technology available on even some of the most basic digital cameras available today far exceed the abilities of cameras from just a few years ago.  HD video, super zoom capability, image stabilization, special scene modes, among other features make these a must have for preserving your memories of the summer vacation.  

Another cool device that you can ad to your digital camera/camcorder, as mentioned above with the HTC Evo, you can now get wi-fi capable SD cards that allow for immediate upload of your photo’s/video to a computer through a wi-fi network.  There is no need to connect the camera up to the computer.  As long as your computer is on the same wi-fi network as the card, it will automatically upload your photos for you.  This technology has great potential.  Picture this: You are throwing a graduation party, and you go are going around your home snapping photos on using your Eye-Fi (wi-fi SD card).  Those photo’s are automatically uploading to your photo library on your laptop, which is connected up to your television showing a slide show of your photo library.  You would literally have an instant slide show of the party as it’s taking place.

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