Advice for Expectant Dads

Sandy Sandler, founder of non-profit and creator of the best selling Bowdabra, is providing several fun, easy and cost-effective projects that kids and can do in under 5 minutes and under $5.


“Children can’t always put their appreciative feelings into words, so crafts are the perfect way for them to give back and express their love for their fathers,” Sandler says.



Sandler is providing free step-by-step projects to complete at


Examples of the 555 Father’s Day Projects include:

  1. Make Dad a Coin Tray: Dads always need a place for spare change. Kids can make dads a special coin tray made out of crayola’s model magic. Children just need to mold the tray into a coin tray and the next day it is ready for use. Don’t forget to personalize the coin tray.
  2. Create a Crafty Tie Holder: Father’s day is a great time for making a tie. Its perfect for all of those past ties you gave dad for father’s day over the years! Kids can make this special tie holder out of a wire hanger, and felt. This gift looks great in a closet, and will remind dad every day how much his children love him.
  3. Craft a Father’s Day Fish Pen Holder: Is dad an outdoor type of guy? If so, the fish pen holder is really adorable. Kids can cut out all types of colorful shapes of dish and other critters. A drab pen holder can become so much more exciting when it was decorated by kids. This is one fish that did not get away!
  4. Design a Key Holder for Dad: Looking for the perfect father’s day craft for school age kids? A ruler, lanyard hooks and ribbon can be transformed into a great key holder. You can also use a mini Bowdabra to make a simple bow to attach to the hanger of the key holder.
  5. Construct #1 Dad and #1 Son T-Shirts: Not much is cuter than seeing a dad and his son wearing matching T-shirts. Kids can make crafty shirts that are personalized for their beloved dads. All you need to get started is some blank T-shirts, fabric and fabric paint.


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