Franklin D. Resorts – Activities for Kids

I had the pleasure to be asked to take my family on a vacation to Jamaica to visit the Frankin D. Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Over the next few days I will be talking about different aspects of our experience at this resort, today I want to talk about activities for kids on the resort.

Being a family resort, I knew there was going to be activities for kids, but I was impressed by the number and how organized the activities were. Every day when we got up we would stop by the Kids Center to see what was on the plan for the day. Each day there was a chalk itinerary placed up so people could tell what was happening. Everyday Diva-J would find a laundry list of items that she wanted to do during the day (outside of being in the pool). There were times though when it was raining when Diva-J and Diva-PJ went to the kids’ center and simply played inside for a break from the sun.

One of the fun activities that they provide free of charge is Tennis Lessons. Diva-J took three lessons and by the end she was doing a great job. All kids have the opportunity to make their own Tye-Dye T-shirt (you do need to provide a clean T-Shirt to Tye Dye. We bought ours at Michaels). The girls loved working with Elodene and Taneka with the Tye Dye, as well as all of the other projects,and activities that the kids want to do.

Some of the activities are run of the mill activities that you would guess they would have such as Tennis or coloring. Outside of this though, everyday they have Rabbit Time and a Movie Night for the kids as well as the opportunity to feed the fish.

There were activities such as allowing kids to fish in the morning or early evening. And what do they use as bait? They use sausage (and boy do the fish and crabs love it). These activities are some of your more run-o-the-mill activities. They also have activities that identify the talents of your child. For example they have a super boy contest and a miss mini FDR contest where your child can strut their stuff in front of the audience to show them what they are made of. Diva-J showed everyone her skills with the Hula Hoop. She is quite good!

Other activities are ones that I know that you will not find back in your home town. For example, on one of the days they had crab racing. Now for me, I thought we would be seeing people on their hands and feet walking like crabs…oh know, they truly did mean crabs! A gentleman from the hills (as they stated) brought live hermit crabs to have them do four races to see who could get out of the ring first.

Another such oddity was the notice that we found that stated that they would be having Goat Races on the beach. After seeing the crab races the day before, I knew that I would need to see this race to believe it! They meant what they said and they did have goats racing on the beach and we picked a color to win.

These were some of the more “out there” events. They had two birthday parties on the beach for kids celebrating their birthday on or around their stay at FDR, as well as classes such as Mixology where kids had the opportunity to mix different flavors of drinks together to see if it tasted good or not.

The staff of the kids center did an amazing job keeping the kids entertained and I have to tip my hat to them, as they were individuals that made our lives as parents much less stressful.

One of the biggest things that the kids there got to do was meet new people and make new friends. Diva-J made friends with kids from Texas, Pennsylvania, Boston and San Francisco while we were there and we did similarly (but I will talk more about that in a later post).

Our girls were never bored at any point. They were scheduled the entire day (though some/much of that time was built around the pool!)

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FDR Resorts Jamaica

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