CD Review – Meltdown by Lanny Sherwin

About the CD
That’s the whimsical, yet serious, motto of Lanny Sherwin and his Sandman Records. And that’s just the attitude that accompanies the launch of “Meltdown”, the fun, upbeat, and thought-provoking addition to Sandman’s award-winning series of children’s CDs.

The all-original CD is geared for children ages 4-12 and their parents. Featuring 12 songs by singer-songwriter, Lanny Sherwin, President of Sandman Records ( “Meltdown” goes from rock to pop to Caribbean to R&B … even an a cappella tune with Lanny singing eight parts! All for the affordable price of $12.98.

“Meltdown” has clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and is designed for slightly wacky preadolescent fun. But the new CD also delivers many positive messages for children. “My lyrics are usually a combination of silly and serious – there’s often a lesson in there somewhere, but way in the background,” says Lanny. Some of the songs address acceptance and tolerance, doing our best, respect for nature, following dreams, dealing with anger…but it’s not preachy. Lanny adds, “I try never to write ‘down’ to kids. They’re much more sophisticated about music than people realize. I just try to write for the whole family—kids, parents, and grandparents. Also, there’s plenty of humor in “Meltdown”, something we all need more of in today’s world.”

“Meltdown” is the 5th children’s music CD from Sandman Records and Lanny Sherwin. The first two CDs, “Dream With Me Tonight—Lullabies For All Ages” and “Dream With Me Tonight, Volume 2—A Father’s Lullabies”, were written for ages newborn to 5. They were an instant success with families nationwide garnering prestigious industry awards and positive reviews from major media. Both sets of lullabies were composed by Sherwin as an expression of his love for his son Alec, and as an alternative to traditional music and lullabies.

Two more of Lanny’s CDs, “Turn Up The Music!” and “I Like Being Me”, are geared towards a 4-9 year old audience. All told, Lanny’s songs have won over 30 music awards. Why so many? “I think the phrase ‘Don’t Drive Parents Crazy’ really sums it up,” he says. “As a songwriter and a parent, I’m aware of what parents have to go through in listening to their children’s music. It can be painful. I just try and write in styles of music that I love – The Beatles, Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Jimmy Buffett. That’s what I grew up with, and I think it’s pretty timeless music.”

The songs on Sherwin’s “Meltdown”reflect his own unique humor and take on life with songs like “Granny’s Got a Guitar”, “I Can’t Rhyme”, “This is Not a Guitar”, “Harmonica Veronica”, and “Meltdown”. He also continues a tradition of crafting an a cappella song on each CD
– so “A Cappella, Part 3” features Lanny on no less than 8 vocal parts.

“Meltdown” is available nationwide and can be found on Amazon!

For more information, visit or call 805-565-5524. A portion of Sandman Record’s proceeds benefits numerous charities, preschools, hospitals and children’s fundraisers nationwide.

My Take on The CD
I had never heard any of the last four childrens’ albums in the past, so when I received this album I didn’t know what to expect.

Listening to the album I was interested in the variety and difference that you hear in each song. You can hear the influences that he mentions above and though some songs have a folk or country feel, you definitely find yourself tapping your foot.

The girls loved the songs and we ended up listening over and over. I know that this CD s soon becoming a new favorite in our household!

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