Karl Champley’s Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Bar & Contest!

Transform Your Third Space with Home Makeover Tips from Karl Champley
Win a $10,000 Home Bar Makeover with the Grant’s Home Bar Experience

  • Customize your space: Create a home bar that is completely custom to you and reflects your personality. This will be a new hub of your home, so it should include the things you care about. Install speakers or a jukebox if you’re into music, mount a plasma screen if you like sports or movie nights and use the project as an opportunity to showcase personal trinkets
  • Try a different angle: Rethink the spaces in your home spaces. For example, a garage is a great place for a home bar project as the structure is already there and it is a huge footprint of your home that is often underutilized. Similarly, an attic is a great escape, although it needs to have adequate ventilation or be part of your home’s AC system, as attics can experience extreme temperatures. You can even build a home bar outdoors – a readymade shed works well when converted! Be careful though, you may never go back indoors again!
  • Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose: Use the project as an opportunity to clear out or repurpose your old junk. You can hold a yard sale to help fund your project, donate unwanted items to charity and recycle many items. You can even turn old pieces of furniture into a striking bar: Just add a deep countertop to an old chest of drawers to accommodate some bar stools and you’re done. Old, sturdy kitchen cupboards also work well. Add a countertop, some under-bench rope lighting and you’re ready!
  • Think about the details: Whether it’s a removable ice bucket, a storage area for bottles and glasses, a fridge, a pullout cutting board for appetizers and garnishes or a sink, you’ll need to make sure you have all your details sorted out, otherwise you’ll be left with a bar that looks great but serves no function!
  • Use Your Space Efficiently: Not everyone has the luxury of space. If you are tight for space, you can conceal a home bar in a wall niche or build out a cabinet so all is concealed. A bar on wheels is always a great way to give you mobility no matter what the space is.
  • Stock Your Bar Carefully: You can’t celebrate a completed job without drinks! Once your bar is complete, the final task is to make sure it is well stocked with a range of drinks. Whether it’s your favorite beer, wine or a great Scotch whisky like Grant’s, your friends and guests will appreciate quality!

The contest runs through May of 2010. For more information and the chance to win a $10,000 home bar makeover, please visit http://www.grantswhisky.com/

About the Contest

In support of the Grant’s Whisky contest to win a $10,000 home bar makeover at http://www.grantswhisky.com/homebar, Grant’s Whisky has partnered with celebrity DIY and home building expert Karl Champley to bring you “Karl Champley’s Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Bar.” In support of this contest we would love for you to work on a piece that features ‘Karl’s Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Bar.’ This would be a great article to feature on your site as Karl offers valuable insight into the best tactics for tackling a home bar project. For “Karl’s Tips for creating the Perfect Home Bar” and more information visit http://www.grantswhisky.com/homebar.

Grant’s Whisky has partnered with celebrity DIY and home building expert Karl Champley to make one lucky winner’s home renovation dreams a reality by awarding the ultimate home bar makeover, with the Grant’s Home Bar Experience contest. Judged by Champley, this exciting competition will see one lucky winner receive a $10,000 home bar makeover, allowing them to transform their third space into the ultimate entertaining haven.

Whether it’s turning the basement into a sports bar, the garage into a pub or the attic into a cocktail lounge, more and more people across the country are dedicating their time and efforts to creating their ideal bar at home and Grant’s has also teamed up with Champley to offer some advice to homeowners about the best ways to makeover their third space into a place for home entertaining

“Third spaces in the home are often overlooked and represent some of the most exciting real estate in people’s homes.” says Champley. “Often they are wasted and are a blank slate for exciting projects. Whether it’s a garage, rec room, attic or basement, these are big spaces that have so much potential – people can turn them into a games room, home theatre, activities room or a home bar – places for adults to be at play and unwind and socialize. And with so many people choosing to entertain at home, they represent a perfect opportunity to include a home bar.”

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