Riding the Rails

For the conference that I attended over the past month, I decided to take the South Shore Metra Rail into Chicago to save some money. I have to say that this was a great idea! Not only did I save money (only about $8 each way instead of the $49 per night people in my downtown hotel paid for parking), but it also was very relaxing. I was able to get a ton of things completed while on the train (if only they had WIFI I could have gotten even more completed), and the people were very kind.

Sitting on the train watching the country roll past, it reminded me of how quickly time flies and how quickly our time with our kids fly past us. Before having children I never would have thought about myself getting older, but have you noticed how much more you notice your own age as well as the fleeting time with your kids around?

I attribute this to the fact that we can see our children aging, learning and growing, while as we look in the mirror the changes may not be as visible. In our child we see our own life going by. I am not saying this to be fatalistic or anything, but it was something that simply came to me mind while riding the rails toward the windy city.

What are your thoughts on this?

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